Recently, my mom, who is a school bus driver in the area, helped one of her high school girls by purchasing her a prom dress. Otherwise, the girl wouldn't have been able to attend this life milestone. I think my mom had fun reminiscing and picking out shoes, a wrap and jewelry with the girl and taking her to get her hair done. It was her chance to feel like a proud mama again.

I was so proud of my mom, I posted it to my Facebook and got a ton of response. This recent outpouring of generosity got me to thinking... how many other girls couldn't go to prom this year because they couldn't afford a dress? I'd heard of other places having a Project Cinderella in their area, but we don't have one.

You can donate your dress, shoes and accessories to our cause and we will host an event next year to allow high school girls to pick out a dress. Just drop off your dress to 117 SE 5th St. Evansville and we'll do the rest. (3 blocks South of the Ford Center off Walnut)

It's hard to let go of something that reminds you of some priceless memories but think of the memories another girl can make. After all, all girls deserve to be a princess for a day!