Department store window mannequins are just about a thing of the past thanks to Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro and his android mannequins that are now in limited use, but could very easliy be the future of department store window displays. Japanese department store Takashimiya has installed a very lifelike robot for it's Valentine's Day window display. This particular female robot is creeping out Japanese shoppers the likes of which have not been seen before.

The robot is capable of more than 60 facial expressions and cycles through four main emotional states icluding boredom and oblivious content, that actually reacts to the shoppers looking at her, she even blinks......very creepy.

Dr. Ishiguro said of his androids, "I see this as the future of shop displays." The department store where she is featured says shoppers were engaging in a completley different way to a traditional window display. Say what

you want, but this is will really creep you out as you can see below.