In order to get an accurate 3D representation of the real world by Google Earth users, Google does an annual contest, Google's Model Your Town. Entries are submitted from all over the world and the winning entry gets $25,000 for their local public school district. The 2012 entry for Evansville was created by Randall Crane who was raised in Evansville and resides in Chicago. Crane used the Google SketchUp program and created 182 highly detailed models of the city. Most of the buildings are in the Downtown area, but you might also recognize buildings from USI, Eastland Mall and the Evansville Regional Airport.

 Crane's entry was chosen as one of six finalists from around the world and in addition to the $25,000 first prize, there is also a video profile of the winning team and a virtual tour of the winning city, not to mention international acclaim.

The winner will be determined through an online vote through May 1st and the winning entry will be announced May 15th. See the Evansville entry for yourself below, very cool.