The Secret to a Golden Glow is Unlocked at Let’s Get Tan

Let’s Get Tan is a locally owned and operated tanning salon plus more. We are concentrating on offering more than just the everyday tanning options. We understand in todays society that skin care is an important factor for our guests no matter whether they are young or old.

The staff at Let’s Get Tan has been Smart Tan & Sunless Certified which means they completed a course to be certified. As an indoor tanning facility we recognize and practice specific principals and procedures in the responsible administration of ultraviolet light for cosmetic purposes. Employees are formally and comprehensively trained to understand and follow exposure schedules on the equipment, focus on the need for all salon clients to wear federally approved eyewear and teach clients to avoid sunburn and overexposure both indoors and outdoors. Adherence to proper cleaning and sanitation protocol is maintained.

We are friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour anytime.

We are proud to receive the following honors:

Readers Choice Awards Best Tanning Salon Gold Winner 2006, and 2011, 2012 & 2013!

Thanks tri-state for voting for us!

We are an accredited BBB member and NFIB.

812-479-8826 http://letsgettan.net/