I know video games are serious business these days, but I had no idea just how serious. My boys are 'gamers', or at least they call themselves 'gamers'. If you have never heard of the League of Legends video game, you are probably not alone, but the game's popularity will blow you away. Several weeks back the League of Legends held their annual World Championship tournament....yeah...WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP....who knew?? The viewing audience around the world was bigger than Game 7 of the NBA Finals and Game 7 of the World Series to the tune of a whopping 27 million viewers, which was actually DOWN from 2013...whoa!!!

Game 7 of the World Series drew an estimated 23.5 million viewers, while game 7 of the NBA Finals was around 26.3 million viewers. Remember, we are talking about a video game here, which is absolutely mind boggling.

The gamers are huge stars with their fans and some make more than $1 million a year. You can see a sample of the tournament below.....unbelievable.