A navy veteran in Springfield, Oregon received an eviction notice from his landlord for putting up an American flag for Navy Day on October 27.

Edward Zivica has been displaying the flag in his apartment complex, on special holidays, for a year.  He didn’t think it was a problem because the management company had never complained or asked him to take it down before.

“They said nothing about it and so I figured, well, maybe they understand now that I’m only putting it up on special days,” Zivica told KVAL News.

But St. Vincent de Paul, the company that manages the apartment complex, says there are rules that govern decorative displays and Zivica knows what those rules are.

CEO Terry McDonald said, “The notice was for hanging something outside the building without permission. Landlord tenant law is very specific. If you’re going to live in a situation where there’s lots of other tenants, you need to follow the rules that are set up.”

McDonald also said the issue HAD come up in the past and the company put up a lit flagpole outside the building. According to the notice of termination of his lease that he received, Zivica can either agree to follow the rules or has until midnight on November 29 to move out.

WOW!!! Really?????? Hmmmmmm......what do you think?