These videos never get old and each story always has a unique aspect to it that is worth sharing. This video is a little different, as a U.S. Marine returns home to surprise his little brother before his game against Michigan. Bailey and Meyers are very close in part, because of losing their father when they were 8 and 6. The family had their share of struggles and Bailey always felt like he had to be a father figure to little brother Meyers, who by the way is over 7 feet tall and plays center for the University of Illinois men's basketball team. In 2008, Bailey joined the Marines and was shipped off to Afghanistan. Bailey has not seen Meyers play since then.

When Bailey arrived home earlier this year, he wanted to see his brother's game against Michigan and decided to surprise Meyers during pregame warm-ups. This is one of the most touching reunions I have ever seen. Welcome home Bailey.