It is a story of kindness you just don't see everyday.  Patrick Connelly, who is confined to a wheelchair, recently attended a Blake Shelton concert in Kansas at an outdoor venue.  Once Blake took the stage, Connelly found he couldn't see.  He was brought to tears until two good Samaritans came to his aid.

Patrick's mom and sister couldn't get him into view of one of his favorite stars, but the two unidentified men who noticed his plight, picked him up so he could watch the rest of the show.  Despite triple digit heat, they held him up the whole time and even took him closer to the stage.  So close, in fact, that Blake noticed and invited Connelly backstage after the show.  The two guys that helped him left, and it's unknown who they are.

It just goes to show you that there are good people in the world.  Just remember that when you go to see Blake at the Big O Music Fest on August 18th.

Here's the report on the incident from Kansas City's KMBC.