Remember 'planking'.....the act of lying face down with your hands touching your sides at all times? Sure you fact, you have probably tried it. The object became to plank in the most unusual place possible. Now, we have 'twipping', which is taking a selfie on your phone either having just, or in the process of falling down, then posting the picture on Twitter. This has become all the rage with kids especially and combines Twitter with the act of tripping.....get it, twipping. There are not many videos on this new trend, which by the way, can be extremely dangerous. I found a short one that shows some twipping photos below.

Do our kids really have nothing better to do than to come up with things that will lead to serious bodily injury? I just don't understand the motivation to put yourself in harm's way for the purpose of getting a photo to post on social media sites.

These internet crazes are getting out of hand. Just remember that some people were seriously injured while planking and I believe one person actually died. It seems like the older our kids get these days, the more closely we have to watch them and protect them from themselves.