PC Pound Puppies in Posey county was planning on having a huge rummage sale this weekend to raise money for 20 of their dogs that are heart-worm positive. But when they went to open up the sale this weekend, they found they had been stolen from. 

Clarissa is available for adoption through PC Pound Puppies (Photo Credit: PC Pound Puppies)

Heart-worms in dogs can be very dangerous, but also very treatable, but treatment isn't cheap. PC Pound Puppies currently has 20 dogs in their care that are heart-worm positive, so it was an even bigger blow to see that they had been stolen from.

Here's their statement on Facebook

We have 20 heartworm positive dogs right now and we were really hoping that our rummage sale this weekend would bring in good money to help treat our dogs. We arrived today to see that many of our quality items had been stolen overnight. Who steals from homeless, heartworm positive dogs?? We are so sad and very disappointed!

If you'd like to donate to PC Pound Puppies to help the dogs currently needing heartworm treatment, you can donate to them below.