At Easter, or any family gathering, a lot of people have mashed potatoes and gravy. This got me thinking: "Does the Tri-State prefer white or brown gravy?" So asked the Tri-State on WKDQ's Facebook which kind of gravy they like, and the response was HUGE...I guess you guys must have had the "Great Gravy Debate" over Easter with your families!

Without any further a due, here are the results:


Travis Sams


As you can see from the graph, it appears most people prefer brown gravy over white. I myself, agree. Brown gravy (in my opinion) goes best on mashed potatoes and any other dinner food (i.e. country fried steak, chicken, etc.), whereas white gravy is best left for those biscuits in the morning!

Thanks for playing along for another Tri-State Poll. If you have any ideas for future polls, funny or serious, feel free to let me know!