Have you seen people on social media posting pictures of three fictional characters that describe them? I saw this last night and I wanted to get in on the action. I invite you to do the same and share them with us!


My three fictional characters that describe me are:

Ron Swanson- Parks and Recreation;  Ron is a no nonsense American who prides himself with simplicity, manly work, and a nice juicy steak.


Charlie Kelly- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:  I can't tell you how many times someone has compared me to this guy, attitude and looks wise. He's a true wildcard....need I say more?


Tommy Callahan- Tommy Boy: There's a line in the movie where he says "a lot of people go to school for seven years." Unfortunately, I can relate. Tommy knows how to brighten people's day and test them at the same time...but at the end of the day, he has a big heart.

Dave, Leslie, and Melissa all did their #threefictionalcharacters as well. Click on their names to see who they chose.

Check out some reasons why I am these characters here: