With the Evansville Executive Inn being taken down piece by piece just a block away from the radio station, I watched the wrecking ball thinking, "How does the guy working that have a bad day?"  The following fails in the demolition business answered my question.  Take a look and see some incidents that made for some VERY bad days.

#5 Has your boss ever told you the job was half-@$$.  This gives new meaning to that phrase!

#4 If somebody is "all sizzle and no steak," it means they make a lot of noise, but don't do the job.  That's what happens here, and when the smoke clears, like a bad steak, this demolition job isn't done in the middle.

#3 Somebody on this job got the wrong memo.  The building was supposed to be gone NOT just shorter.

#2 Getting something to fall is the easy part.  Getting something to fall in the right direction is another issue.  I'm guessing this smoke stack was aiming for the empty field and not the buildings and power lines

#1 Making pets do tricks is not easy...making buildings do tricks has to be nearly impossible.  Not for these Turkish, demolition geniuses...Hey, building, stand on your head!