Over the last few years, doing the Country Whuppin' and other posts on this website, I've noticed some artists, more than others have rabid fan bases on social media that are constantly pushing for the furthering of their careers.  It may not always be the biggest artists, but in the eyes of these fans, they're the only artist that matters.

Kellie Pickler

Isaac Brekken, Getty Images

Not only is she one of my favorites, but there are tons of fans that just wait for Kellie Pickler news to hit the net.  This group also helped push Kellie to a win last year on Dancing With The Stars, and to the 'Hottest Woman in Country Music' on this very website.

Scotty McCreery

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

The McCreerians are always in full force when it comes to requesting songs and voting him through in certain circumstances.  And should he be challenged at all, the fans will work harder than ever to show why he's the best.

Lauren Alaina

Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

It's no wonder Lauren and Scotty made it all the way to the finals of American Idol.  Two of the most passionate fan populations out there were duking it out to get their favorite the win!  Lauren's fans have made her the ONLY artist to score two Hall of Fame hits on the Country Whuppin'.

Danielle Bradbery

Rob Kim, Getty Images

You may see a trend developing.  Many singers that have won, or come close to winning reality contests, like The Voice in Bradbery's case, have had to rely on major support from that online community that vote relentlessly to get their person the win.  This youngster has taken that support that got her the win, and turned it into a hit single rather quickly!

Gary Allan

Courtesy of Guitar Center

Here's where the trend is bucked, but that's nothing new for this guy.  Gary Allan is one of those guys that came up in country the hard way, and in a way, he still is trying after nearly 20 years in the business, but one thing that is for sure, his fans are dedicated and will always come to his defense and support no matter what!

LoCash Cowboys

Jessica Bal for Taste of Country Music Festival

A lot of the world hasn't come to find out what we know here in the Tri-State, and that's the immense talent and passion of the LoCash Cowboys.  Sometimes those social media voices get through.  You see it wasn't too long ago that the only thing we knew came from their boisterous online community, but once the voices got too loud to ignore, we found out why, and it's only a matter of time before the rest of the universe does too.

Charlie Worsham

Facebook / Charlie Worsham

Charlie Worsham does not fit the mold of a typical country male artist.  Sometimes it's not all about image.  Sometimes unbelievable talent will attract the fans before the music business has a chance to get a hold of you.  Charlie Worsham, even with only one single under his belt and no reality show exposure, gained a big chunk of the socially vocal thanks to his awesome cover songs on Youtube.

 JB and the Moonshine Band


You might have not heard of them, but then again, Texas is a whole other country when it comes to country music.  When they made their debut on the Country Whuppin', JB and company beat Scotty McCreery, Chris Cagle, and JoAnna Smith...all three who have pretty solid followings themselves.

Dylan Scott

Facebook / Dylan Scott

When artists are just starting out, it's amazing how much support they can get to jump-start a blossoming career.  It seems that Dylan Scott has firm support from his extended online family.  It was enough to send his first single to our Country Whuppin' Hall of Fame.

George Strait

Jason Davis, Getty Images

OK, so it's not always the newcomers that have a vocal online contingent.  Who would have thought when George Strait broke in the early 80's that Tweets would help the man with 60 number ones get back on the charts in 2014 with a new single?  It happens though.  And while millions already like him, now they can LIKE him too!

So, those are my choices for the most active country artist fan bases.  What do you think?  Time for all you fan bases to unite and tell us who rules.  And if there's one I forgot, well jump in there!