Did you know that your job could be an indication that you have a psychopathic personality?  Now, that doesn't mean that you run around the cubicles at work with an ax and a hockey mask looking for a victim, but it could lead to that.  Psychologist, Kevin Dutton has ranked the careers, most likely to be held by someone with psychopathy in his latest book, and guess who ranks near the top?

Before we get there, let's look at the definition of 'psychopathy' as outlined on wikipedia:

Psychopathy is defined as either an aspect of personality or as a personality disorder, characterized by enduring dissocial or antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for empathy or remorse, and poor behavioral controls or fearless dominance.

Now that you know that it's not all about serial killers (at least not completely), let's see if there's anyone we're close to, around here that are...for lack of a better term, psychos.  Here are the top 10 jobs most likely to carry a psychopathic personality.

1) CEO


On the left, our company's CEO.  The report says he would be at the top of the list for jobs with psychopathic personalities.  To be fair, I don't know him that well, but on the right is our loving Regional Vice President and local GM.  She's the closest thing we have in the building to a CEO, and again...this is just the report....I'm just the messenger.  She would be the number one crazy here.

2) Lawyers


The number two profession on our list is 'Lawyer,' which I would find it hard to believe that that would apply to our good friend, Evansville Prosecutor, Nicholas Hermann.  Such a quiet, caring, and unassuming gentleman, but hey research is research and he's a number 2 psychopath!

3) Media (Radio/TV)


OK, there's no doubt they nailed this one...I'm surprised we're that low on the list really.

4) Salesperson


OK, now I know I need to get out of this building.  This crew of crazies, not only answers to #1 on a daily basis, but they deal with us at #3 constantly.  That alone is enough for these psychopaths to need a #2 for whatever actions they may take.

5) Surgeon

Getty Images / Theo Heimann

Finally, a profession we don't see in our office that often, but I totally get it.  It's stressful, tedious, and you get to cut people open.  Don't tell me you don't have to be a least a little wacko to do that.

6) Journalist


The fact that you're reading these words and not listening to me speak them on the radio is proof that, these days us radio folks are also journalists.  That's double crazy right there.  Not to mention we're guided by the head journalist pictured above.  If you're not scared of this building yet, good for you.

7) Police Officer


Oh great, the one profession that could save us from all the psychopathic people in our building is nuts too!  Guess I'll think twice before letting the Chief of Police and his 911 Gives Hope buddies in next time!

Now, let's pause for a quick joke...

A Clergyman, A Chef, and A Public Servant walk into a bar...

Win McNamee/Frazer Harrison/Oli Scarff/ Getty Images

...They order a nice tall glass of crazy, cuz they're numbers 8, 9, and 10!

The moral of the story is that there are a ton of people out there just destined to snap in a second.  Most of those people, work in this office, so beware!