Yard sales can pay off BIG!  Whether you use yard sales to make extra money,  organize and get rid of your things, or get great deals, yard sales need to be run right to be succesful! Weekendtreasure.com offers tips to get you the best payout....

1. Pick the right date: Don't schedule your day on a date of special or major events in your comminuty. No one will come!!!

2. Get PLENTY of change: If one of your customers has to wait for change or doesn't get the RIGHT change, you will lose the sale!!

3. Get the word out: Post on Craigslist, your Facebook page, send emails and community message boards. Make it clear and list several items.

4. Fire up the grill: Make extra money by selling hambergers, hot dogs, cookies, breads (banana, pumpkin), brownies, etc.

5. It's all about presentation: Hang up your pictures, put bright colored things in the front, have plenty of tables and make it easy for your customers to browse.

Click here for more tips. GOOD LUCK!!!!