Tim McGraw's career has never stopped evolving since day one and the last few years have been some of his best both musically and theatrically. McGraw is getting ready to close one chapter in his great career by ending his relationship with longtime record label, Curb Records which has the release date of his 'Emotional Traffic' CD on hold. McGraw says this will be his "absolute last album" with Curb and he does not understand why it is taking so long to get the CD out there to the fans. History tells us that labels are more concerned with the financial aspects of a project; where artists are more concerned with the artistic aspects of a project and that usually leads to disagreements and harsh words between the artist and the label.  Hopefully, this album will get out soon and McGraw can move ahead with what he says will be the best part of his career so far. To read more from theboot.com, click here.