With the Super Bowl coming up, I started thinking, there aren't enough hit songs about football.  There are some mentions here and there, but only Hank's Monday Night Football song that was discontinued by the powers that be last year, and Kenny Chesney's "The Boys Of Fall" really made a splash.  Well, I'm here to bring you three more football songs you may have missed.

1. Lost Trailers - Holler Back (Football Versions)

You may remember the song "Holler Back," but you're thinking, "That song isn't about football."  That's because, on the heels of their first (and only) top 10 hit, The Lost Trailers released a generic football-themed version and some specific team versions of the hit, including this one for the Florida State Seminoles.  Funny thing about these versions is that they completely lost the meaning and the novelty of the original song, but hey, you could actually "Holler Back" to it!

2.  Doug Supernaw - 21 to 17

Not so much a song about football as it is about a love lost, I had never even heard this song until 5 minutes ago.  But, apparently in 1999 it was popular enough to have a video on GAC.  Doug Supernaw's extra curricular activities (and I don't mean football) have distracted him from a huge career in country, but I always liked his voice.

3. James Otto - The Ball 

This is my favorite of all these football songs.  Again, yes, this song only uses football as a backdrop, but it does so VERY well.  This was Otto's very first single, before the days of "Just Got Started Lovin' You."  I still am not sure what kept it from being a mega-hit.  Listen for yourself.

So, are there other football songs you know of, or just a country song that gets you pumped to watch some football?  Let us know, comment below.