If you are planning a trip to Disney World in Orlando anytime soon and you look like Santa Claus, you might want to reconsider your destination choice. Thomas Tolbert of Atlanta was recently enjoying a family vacation at the Disney Park when he was asked to leave because he looks too much like Santa.

Tolbert honestly didn't take them seriously, but they were serious. Tolbert is a professional actor and at the Santa Claus convention earlier this year, he was voted one of the top three Santa impersonators... very impressive.

Disney says his appearance was disruptive to their operation because people were asking Tolbert for his autograph. Tolbert said, "They said, 'you need to say I'm sorry. I'm not who you think I am.' Really... seriously? It should be noted that Tolbert was not dressed like Santa, or in any way acting like Santa. Tolbert also said Disney World staff scolded him pretty good.

Back in 2006, another Santa look-a-like was asked to leave, but he was dressed as Santa and told the kids he was in fact, Santa Claus. Disney does have a policy prohibiting park guests over the age of 10 years old from wearing costumes. In fact, a teenager was kicked out last month for wearing a Tinkerbell costume because she was over 10. For what Disney charges to get in, you should be able to look like Walt Disney if you want to.... sheesh!