In preparation of the new 930 area code in Indiana next fall, all 812 callers are encouraged to use 10-digit dialing beginning this weekend, which means even local calls should be dialed using the 812 area code. The initiative is called "permissive dialing", which is a six month period in which callers are asked to use area codes for all calls even though local calls can still be made using the seven-digit system.

By the way, if you are afraid that using the area code for a local call will result in a long distance charge, that will not be the case. The system will distinguish a local call from a long distance call even if the area code is used for local calls.

Mandatory use of 10-digit dialing will begin on September 6th of this year and all new phone service subscribers could be assigned the new 930 area code beginning October 6th, so start re-programming your contacts in your phone with the area code now.

New area codes are not all that uncommon because mathematically, there is a finite amount of combinations for any one area code. Combinations of 812 numbers will run out in 2015 according to state officials.

While this might seem a little inconvenient, if you program all numbers in your phone with the area code, even local numbers, it will not take you any longer to make local calls if you just use your contact list, so there is no need for everyone to get all worked up about will be fine and this to shall pass.