There is a lot of bad in the world these days that comes into our living rooms every night courtesy of television news. Sometimes, we need a reminder how beautiful a simple act of humanity can be, like the story of 10-year-old Tobias Bass and his older brother Titus, the very definition of brotherly love and the human spirit. Tobias wants to run a 5k race tonight with his brother. The problem is, his brother Titus suffers from cerebral palsy and can't run...he can't walk or see either. Tobias knew he needed to borrow a jogger for Titus so, he turned to the local television news station for help by writing an incredible letter.

Scanned letter via Uproxx




The two anchors at the TV station were more than happy to help and this story does have the happiest of endings. In the video below, Tobias makes the comment , "I can be the legs for more than one kid." Out of the mouths of babes. The world needs more kids like you Tobias, thank you for reminding us what's really important.