When it comes to eating right and exercising, you won't be on your best behavior every day. Some days are just going to be lazy days. According to collegecandy.com,

 there's no reason to beat yourself up! Instead, just make a few simple changes in your life.

  • Take the Stairs -- Even if it's just a few stories up, make the effort to walk there. Every step counts.
  • Replace Candy with Fruit -- When you have a snack craving, don't just mindlessly reach for chocolate. Instead, keep a nice stash of fruit in your fridge. You'll fulfill that craving for sweet food and get a great dose of vitamins.
  • Holding Your Utensils with Your Non-Dominant Hand -- Holding a fork in your non-dominant hand forces you to eat slower and more deliberately.
  • Standing Instead of Sitting -- This takes a bit of a change in mindset, but always look for opportunities to stand instead of sit. You can burn up to 15 more calories per hour standing because you're constantly engaging your core muscles to stabilize yourself.