I have had it up to here with the Westboro Baptist Church and their hate spewing ideologies. They were supposed to picket at the funeral today of George Jones in Nashville, but no word on whether or not they carried out that picket. These people picket at the funerals of fallen soldiers and celebrities and for what reason? I would like somebody to explain to me how they can call themselves a church? Last time I checked, churches are a place of worship, faith and most important, love for one another. These people are hatemongers of the highest order and are the polar opposite of what I think makes up a typical church regardless of denomination. I am not a Baptist, but does the Baptist faith teach hate? I am positive it doesn't and I wonder if other Baptists take offense to the poisonous venom these people claim to believe.

To me, the WBC represents the exact opposite of what God, faith, love and church means to the rest of us. For the life of me I cannot figure out why they would protest George Jones' funeral, or why they blame Carrie Underwood for the Newtown massacre. How does any rational person come to that kind of conclusion? If you know the answer to that, then you are a lot smarter than me and maybe you can explain it to me.

These people are not a church, they are a hate group pure and simple and need to be treated as such. Their membership is only about 40 strong and their leader, Fred Phelps, is a disbarred attorney who calls himself a minister. How can anybody spew that kind of rhetoric and filth and be considered a person of god?

Fortunately, groups like the Patriot Guard are able to keep these people a good distance away from  military funerals. I understand there was a plan in Nashville today for Jones' funeral to create a human barrier between the the WBC members and the funeral.

A law enforcement official in Texas had the right idea last week when he arrested all of the WBC members who were protesting a funeral. When the WBC told the official they could not be arrested, he explained to them that under the law, he could arrest them and hold them for 24 hours without charging them, which he did. When the funeral was over, he released them. That needs to happen everywhere these people show up.

This kind of hatred is dangerous and to hate like that in the name of god is something that goes way beyond any reasonable comprehension...actually, its despicable. They do have the right to believe as they wish, but I don't understand that kind of belief system, nor do I even want to understand it.

I wonder, when their time in this world is done, if OUR god will have mercy on their souls --will theirs?