This morning we talked about the Shaker Weight. You gotta wonder what sort of mind would think this up!! lol!!  But, as funny as it is, it may ACTUALLY work!! WHAT?!?!?!

Well, the American Council on Exercise commissioned a team of exercise scientists from the University of Wisconsin to test the Shaker Weight. They found, on average, total muscle activity was 66 percent greater with the Shake Weight exercises!

The bad news for those of you who want to Buff up your seems the only muscle really receiving a decent work out is the tricep. For people on the lower end of the exercising spectrum the Shake Weight could be a great help in toning.  (Fit Sugar)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watvh the OFFICIAL AD. But, I'm warning you, OMG, it looks...a ....little.....dirty! LMAO!!!

If you think that was funny? It was REAL!! Here is the EVEN funnier spoof ad!!!! HAHAHAHHAHHAHA

Just Asking ... Do you own the Shake Weight? Do you use it? Would you buy the Shake Weight?