Cold weather in Green Bay for a Packers game is nothing new for this time of year. The coldest football game ever played happened at Lambeau field in 1967 for the NFL championship between the Packers and Dallas Cowboys, a game historically referred to as the "Ice Bowl". The wind chill that day was minus 48 degrees. Tomorrow's Wild card showdown between the Packers and San Francisco 49ers could be the coldest game ever with game time temperature forecast to be about -5 with a potential windchill of -51 degrees. As a result, the game was not a sellout, which would have meant a TV blackout in the Green Bay area and THAT is the real story.

Packers game are always sold out regardless of conditions. Tickets are almost impossible to get for a regular season game there, let alone a playoff game. The very idea that a Packers home playoff game would not be soldout IS news.

The Packers had until 4pm this afternoon to sell the remaining tickets, which would lift the blackout. Big sigh of was just announced the game is now sold out and will be televised locally in Green Bay...wheeewww! That was close. When Packer fans think it's too cold at home...THAT IS COLD!!!