Do you know where Popcorn, Indiana is? If not, you are not alone. It's actually in Perry Township in Lawrence County and it's a very small place. A couple of folks there have created something as a lark that just might revolutionize snacking both at home and in the office. They have created ‘The Popinator’, which is a voice activated popcorn launcher... greasy popcorn hands could be gone forever!

The device uses a binaural microphone on the front of the machine that listens for the command of '"pop" then launches popcorn right into your mouth... no kidding! Think of the possibilities - boneless Buffalo wings, nachos, M&Ms, candy corn, peanut butter cups. My gosh, it's like a fantasy come true!

Whether or not this is something we will ever be able to buy is another story, but the concept is so cool and the guys who created it are geniuses!

Right now, they say the device is strictly an in-house project, but putting it on the open market is a strong possibility. The Popinator would sell like crazy at places like Sharper Image and Brookstone... just sayin'. See the Popinator in action below. Totally awesome!