The 'Three Stooges' are still one of the most iconic, lovable brands in Hollywood today and continue to thrive in syndication entertaining generation after generation. There has long been talk about a 'Stooges' movie and the wait is over! The new Farrelly Brothers movie about the iconic comedic trio will hit theaters in 2012, but if this trailer is any indication, it could already be on it's way to being one of the worst movies of the year, maybe the Razzie winner for worst picture. Only time will tell, but this film is not the biopic that most were hoping for.

 It appears to be just another 'Three Stooges' short that is set in today's world with three actors simply imitating the 'Stooges'. Fans of the 'Stooges' probably won't care for it and those too young to remember, won't get it and may not even see it. The portrayls are pretty darn good, but we'll see. See the trailer below and decide for yourself.