The Muppets are back with a brand new movie that is putting up huge numbers at the box office. The Muppets are one of television's most beloved institutions over the last 20-plus years. Fox Business Channel anchor Eric Bolling recently showed a clip from the movie and then said the storyline was aimed at planting the seeds of class warfare among our precious children. What......are you kidding me???? The basis for his assertion is that the Muppet villain is a rich oil baron named Tex Richman.

 This might be the most rediculous thing I have ever heard and maybe even irresponsible. He's basically saying the movie is trying to pit kids against the rich and my question is, where do they find these people and how do they get on television. In the below video, Bolling interviews a guest who not only agrees, but says Hollywood has been doing that for years because they hate the oil industry and corporate America. See for yourself below and cast your vote in the poll below the video.