Baseball memorabilia collectors are all a flutter right now because what is going up for auction, makes a Honus Wagner baseball card look kind of dull. The jersey that Babe Ruth wore in his first season with the New York Yankees in 1920 is going to be auctioned and is expected to bring in a record sum. The jersey is 92-years-old and is a professional-grade wool flannel jersey complete with soiling, stains and fabric repairs. Experts say the fact that the Y in the words "NEW YORK" is embroidered on the double-thick button placket, is proof enough that the road jersey was made around 1920.

 Also, stiched next to the Spalding label on the collar are the letters RUTH G.H. in faded pink script, which was common practice by uniform manufacturers to indicate the player the uniform was made for. By the way, Ruth's given name was George Herman Ruth.

Collectors and experts say nothing brings in more money than memorabilia from Babe Ruth. David Kohler, president of SCP Auctions, the online firm handling the sale said, "This is simply the finest sports artifact we've handled in our 30-year history." Kohler added, "the historical impact of Ruth's emergence in the Big Apple in the early 1920's, combined with the jersey's superb original condition, makes this a sports treasure of the highest order."

In 2007, a Honus Wagner baseball card sold for $2.8 million and experts say this jersey should eclipse that price. As a collector of sports memorabilia myself, this Ruth jersey is the motherload of all sports memorabilia and what ever is ultimately paid for the jersey will be a great investment. I would bid myself if I could.

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