So, this morning, we were just sitting in the studio, doing our show, when suddenly we see a man peering through the window at us. At first we just ignored him and then he started knocking on the window trying to get our attention. We continued to ignore him until we saw him hold up a Donut Bank donut box. (BTW - we will do most anything if given food. HINT, HINT!) Jon has never moved SO fast. He got right up and headed toward the door. And, I'm so glad he did. The mystery man turned out to be Ben Kempf from the Donut Bank!!! He wanted us to try their latest donut delight. The 'Maple Bacon Long John.' OMG! YUMMY!!


Observe the deliciousness. :-)

If only this blog was powered with 'smell and taste-o-vision.' I'll work on that for next time. ;-)

Until then, you can try them for yourself at any Donut Bank location.