If there's one thin that my colleagues and me know, it's good food.  That's why my regular 4-person lunch crew has made a pact to visit at least one restaurant each week in 2013 that either all four of us, or the majority of us have never eaten.  The trips have begun and you'll soon see our opinionated...um opinions right here each week.

Of course, for multiple reasons, names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent...or guilty for that matter.  Here are your group of misfits known as the Big Mouths.

Goat Boy

John Foxx / Thinkstock

You know those crazy friends who will eat anything you put in front of him? They’re probably a distant relative of Goat-Boy. Half man, half animal, zero tastebuds. Raised around Southern Baptists’ potlucks, and taught to cook by “urbanized” parents and corn-fed grandparents, Goat-Boy’s only claim to fame in the culinary world was being the only student in his High School “Foods” class allowed to cook from scratch instead of boxes and cans. Some have said that he bears a strong resemblance to Superman. Not because of his looks, but of his reaction to his Mom’s “Foo-Foo Salad”. Kryptonite as it could only exist in our world.



He likes to try new places.  He's a sucker for specials and promotional items.  There's not much that Chorizo won't eat, but he's not fond of mushrooms, shrimp, or eggs.  His favorite foods include Mexican cuisine, a good burger, and even some funky salads.  Chances are, if it has cheese, Chorizo's down to grub!  His love (or habit) for dining out certainly came from his father, who doesn't consider it a real restaurant unless they have a bar...valid point!



Growing up my friends called him Charlie.  Why?  They said it was because he looked like a Charlie.  Charlie grew up in a household where adding a little black pepper to something really “spiced things up”.  While in college he learned that salsa came in hot flavors too and my culinary horizons began to open.


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Maverick has a hollow leg.  While he's always been one of the smallest members of the group, he will out-eat the rest and finish their meal too!  A vast knowledge of Food Network has led him to be quite the perfectionist when he cooks.  It's never about speed, it's about presentation.  There's not much Maverick won't eat, and a new adventure is always welcomed.

Join us in our journey across the Tri-State to eateries we've never tried and we will give you the low-down from the horse's mouth...or at least the mouths that eat like horses, The Big Mouths!