Texting and driving is something we deal with every day and really is at an epidemic level. I am still absolutely stunned how often I see people doing this while I'm driving home everyday...it's really scary! The public service campaigns about the dangers really seem to be falling on deaf ears. A while back we posted a new public service campaign video about the dangers that should be mandatory viewing for all high school students and anybody getting a license for the first time, or even renewing their license. It focuses on people whose lives have been directly affected by texting and driving, both victims and perpetrators, watch it here.

The below video is a texting and driving video game, where the goal is to make one complete lap around the track without a mishap or crash. The game proves what we all know...that texting and driving will always end in failure, which is the message the makers of the game really want to convey.

It is beyond my comprehension why people do this in spite of the dangers. Some people really believe it will never happen to them because they are just more careful. Let's just hope those people..and you know who you are...never find out the hard way, how dead wrong they are.