How my wife and I have made it in marriage for almost nine years obviously has had more to do with things other than our taste in movies.  It seems almost weekly that I find a movie on TV that I love...a classic even, but my wife says, "This is a stupid movie."  Because of her poor taste, I have compiled the list of 10 movies that I love, but my wife hates.

1. Coming To America

This movie to me, is Eddie Murphy's best work.  Why my wife can't find the humor in this movie is beyond me.  I laugh every time I hear the landlord say "shame what they did to that dog" as you see the chalk outline in the apartment.  She just rolls her eyes.  You won't find laughs like that in 'Twilight.'

2. Airplane

Dumb humor is still humor.  It seems like anytime I pop in this DVD, my wife sighs and says, "Surely you can't be serious?"  I smile and say, "I am serious, but don't call me Shirley."  If you can't laugh at just can't laugh!

3. A Christmas Story

There must be a reason that networks choose to air this movie for 24 hours every Christmas.  And the reason is not that it's 'such a silly story.'  The majority of the world loves Ralphie, and honey, your argument is invalid.

4. Billy Madison

So, get this, she'll watch 'Big Daddy' every day of the week, but not the movie that launched Adam Sandler.  'Big Daddy' is a positive story, she says.  So is 'Billy Madison!'  I mean who doesn't love the realistic story of a grown alcoholic imbecile finishing all of school in a matter of weeks.  That's positive.

5. Wizard Of Oz

This one really boggles my mind.  My wife is obsessed...and I mean obsessed with the musical, 'Wicked.'  When I turned on the classic of all classics for our kids, I was shocked when I heard her say, "Turn that off!"  What!?!?

6. Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby

So, not only does my wife not enjoy classic cinema art, or silly comedies, but she also has problems with this thrilling documentary about a down-on-his-luck NASCAR star, who fights back from his demons to regain his former glory.  OK, let's face it, Will Ferrell is awesome, and she likes some of his stuff, but not this great one.

7. Blazing Saddles

This movie has so many good things going for it.  It makes fun of race relations.  It makes fun of big budget movies.  It makes fun of the rich.  It makes fun of itself.  Why can't my wife just enjoy it, and quit making fun of the movie.  It's on once a week and I'm not gonna stop watching it!

8. National Lampoon's Vacation Movies

Talk about movies that are ALWAYS on!  You can't go a week without seeing one of these classics on TV.  'Vacation' was the best, 'Christmas' a close second, 'European' was third, and 'Vegas' not as good as the others, but still good!  All four, way better than the poor reviews given to them by my other half.

9. ET

OMG!  This is getting worse all the time.  Who doesn't like 'ET?'  Well, of course, my wife says things like, "He just looks weird.  I don't even like to look at him."  Forget the cinematic mastery of this early 80's staple, ET is just 'weird to look at' so obviously the movie sucks, right?

10. Back To The Future Movies

The only trilogy that holds up as it goes along, and doesn't just get old a boring, is just another reason for my wife to criticize what I watch.  'I just don't get it.  It's so stupid.  How can he just go back in time?'  Because that's the plot of the movie...and it's it's brilliant.  Great Scott!  How do I live with this woman?

I guess the good news is there are other things we love, and that's how we stay together, but one of these days, I'm burning her copies of 'Harry Potter' and 'Narnia' and replacing them with nothing but 'Monty Python' to see how she likes it.