My wife Lisa and I get very frustrated with our little guys when they do not wash their hands. My wife is a nurse and she has tried in vain to get them to wash their hands as often as possible, especially after using the bathroom. At first glance, you could say this kid licking the entire length of NYC subway station handrail is just a kid acting dumb and doing something kind of gross. This actually goes way beyond gross, really.Even though the video is only about 25 seconds long, there is a lot to be learned from this. This kid has no idea about the potential health risks involved in what he did as a dare for just one dollar. That's right: one dollar and I sure hope he uses that dollar to help pay for the shot that he REALLY needs to get, now!

Chris Hondros, Getty Images

A microbiologist who saw this story said the kid would have been better off licking a public toilet seat rather than a handrail. Dr. Charles Gerba says that tests on a toilet seat could house as many as 50 different microorganisms, while a handrail could house hundreds of thousands of germs.

This kid truly put his health in serious jeopardy and the health of the people around him, especially at home. Just think for one moment about the number of hands that touched that handrail... I know, right!!! I know the premise of this video seems funny, but in reality, there is nothing funny about what he did. This video needs to be used a lesson for other kids. I sincerely hope this kid sees a doctor and soon! See for yourself below, if you dare.