Alright, Taylor Swift fans, you can see Taylor performing her new song “The Story of Us” today (May 11th)!

        Taylor will be performing today on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I’ve been to a taping of Ellen before and they tape a day earlier, which makes sense when looking at Taylor’s tweet from yesterday. Here’s what she said yesterday:

“Backstage at @theellenshow! She’s the best. And has good dressing room snacks. So important.”

Agreed, snack are very important! Be sure to check out her performance today. If you aren’t familiar with her song “The Story of Us” it’s off her new CD, Speak Now. I just listened to it about 5 minutes ago, and it ROCKS!

Here's a video incase you're like me and haven't heard it yet.

Should we be playing this song? What do you think about it?