Pushpin Portrait Is Awesome [Video]
Imagine having enough free time to assemble 15,000 pushpins into a near perfect portrait of a young lady. That is exactly what YouTube Illusionist Brusspup did recently. He used Photoshop to break down a digital photo into five colors and assigned a shade of plastic pushpins to each color.
LED Snowboarding Is Awesome [Video]
I was on the web yesterday and found this video which was completely mesmerizing. Turns out, the video was made by filmmaker Jacob Sutton who is always looking for different ways to light objects.
Happy Birthday, YouTube [Video]
Today, February 15th is YouTube's seventh birthday, born on this date in 2005. YouTube was created by three guys working at PayPal in California when they wanted to find a way to share some videos they took at a party.
Gold Medal Proposal [Video]
It's Valentine's Day and that means proposals and everything else love related...blah,blah,blah. Anyway, a good successful propsal always makes for a good video especially, when a gold medal is involved.
The Night Whitney Houston Made Our Nation Cry [Video]
Reagardless of the kind of music you prefer, there is no doubt that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest singers that ever lived. This past weekend, just before the Grammy Awards, we found out that Whitney Houston had passed away at the age of 48.
Will Ferrell – The Next Great NBA Announcer? [Video]
The NBA is struggling to get back into the good graces of the fans after the recent lockout. In fact, the league has been struggling for a few years now. Some say the league just isn't very entertaining, but that was certainly not the case Wednesday night on 80's night at the Chicago Bulls…

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