New Ad Campaign Attempts To Shock Smokers Into Quitting [Video]
Smoking has been a hot button issue lately, especially right here in Evansville because of the recently passed smoking ban and the subsequent lawsuits filed earlier this week surrounding the exemption of Casino Aztar from the ban. The CDC, in an attempt to get people to quit smoking is set to rollou…
What Happens When You Drink A Milkshake At 100 MPH [Video]
The warmer weather means motorcycle enthusiasts are getting their bikes out for the summer riding season and safety and responsible riding are key. There is nothing like being out on the open road...just you and your bike. Eating and drinking on a motorcycle is NEVER a good idea unless you&apos…
Fun With Mannequins [Videos]
I was at Eastland Mall the other day shopping with my wife and just happen to notice how many mannequins there were spread out through the mall. I don't know about you, but don't you think there is something kind of creepy mannequins?
An iPad For Horses [Video]
We can all agree on what kind of visionary Steve Jobs was and left us much too soon and with several ideas still in the works. How the new iPad that goes way beyond human interest and appeals to horses.
Rick Santorum ‘Game On’ Song Video Goes Viral [Video]
We are of course are in the midst of a presidential election year and the republican candidates have provided some memorable and some not so memorable moments so far. This post IS NOT...and I repeat IS NOT an endorsement of Rick Santorum by any stretch of the imagination, but the below vid…
Dog Plays And Sings The Blues [Video]
If you thought that only people could play musical instruments and sing the blues in jazz bands, you would be dead wrong! In the hilarious clip below, the dog is singin' the blues in a big way while tickling the ivory at the same time.
James Bond Theme Performed By Robots [Video]
Robot technology has really started to advance over the last few years and the progress has been nothing short of amazing. We are not really talking about robots that walk around like humans like they did in 'Lost In Space' and some sci-fi films. The University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineerin…

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