Greatest Military Welcome Home Video Ever! [Video]
There is no shortage of videos on YouTube showing military parents returning home to their families. In most of them, dad is surprising his loved ones who have no idea he is home and every one of them is more than worth the time to watch. The below homecoming video just might be the greatest of them…
One-Eyed Texas Bulldog Paints Masterpieces [Video]
Every Thursday on WKDQ we feature the pet of the week with Sydney Long of the Vanderburgh Humane Society and talk about the importance of pet adoption and animal rescue. I found this video and was mesmorized by it for some reason. It's a story about a bulldog with one eye that had everything go…
History Of Whistling In Music All But Forgotten [Video]
When you think about the music business today, you probably don't think about how whistling has played a part in music over the years. Whistling is something that most of us can do to some extent and there are some of us who are very good whistlers and more of us who are not good…
Let The Pacifier War Games Begin!! [Video]
There are wars and there are wars, some of epic proportion. Ok, maybe epic is a slight exaggeration about the war taking place in the below video. Baby videos are the best and even though this video is a little more than 30-seconds, it's so funny.

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