The 5 Best Brooks & Dunn Covers on YouTube
Country singer Ronnie Dunn – one half of superduo Brooks & Dunn – talked with Taste of Country a bit last week about musicians that influenced him. Among Dunn’s more interesting recent influences: “I love Harrison’s slide guitar on ‘Something,’” the singer told Taste of Country.
Dunn has of cour…
Dancing Man At Bus Stop Becomes Sensation
Last Friday, Reddit user JackMomma shared a video of a twentysomething man dancing at a bus stop. According to his post, his wife shot the video and uploaded it to YouTube after she noticed the man would dance the same dance at the same bus stop every single day.
Magic Tongue Origami
If you have tried to tie a cherry stem with your tongue, check this out. This girl makes a paper crane with a starburst wrapper.
Double Dream Feet
Choreographer John Jacobson wowed the Internet late last year with his 'Double Dream Hands' video, an original dance composition full of sunshine, unbridled enthusiasm and spry athleticism.
Months later, Jacobson has returned with a follow-up video, 'Double Dream Feet,' in which his smile is every bi…
Man Walks For The First Time In 20 Years
Imagine losing the ability to walk. Imagine losing said ability for over 20 years.
Now, imagine the kind of elation you'd feel if an invention came along that made it possible for you to walk again.
That's exactly how the man in this video felt after using the ReWalk ExoSkeleton robot. Designed by Arg…
The Week’s Best Viral Videos
It was another great week for viral videos that raced their way around the web.
We've saw children dancing, children being scared, crazy trick shots, some wild weather, a plane crashing into another plane, celebrities being funny and a movie super-cut.
Oh, and 'Star Wars.' It wouldn&apo…
San Francisco To Paris In Two Minutes
This passenger used the empty seat next to him to record the entire 11-hour flight from S.F. to Paris using time lapse photography. The whole trip was condensed into just 2 minutes and the video is very cool.