Father Captures 25 Years Of Christmas Mornings On Video [Video]
We all know what Christmas morning is like for children, the excitement and anticipation of what might be under the tree. It is also a prime moment for parents to bust out the video camera and capture the proceedings. One father though, went one step further and decided to video the moment the …
White Castle Wedding Is A Real Slider [Video]
With the holidays winding down, it is hard to believe it is time to start thinking about Valentine's day. Guys....get ready now and do you know what is becoming the go-to spot for Valentine's Day? White Castle......let me say that again, White Castle.....who knew???
Frog Catching Touchscreen Bugs [Video]
Frog videos certainly don't have the same cuteness factor that a dog, a cat or a baby might have, but this video is pretty cool. Have you ever seen the smartphone commercial with three co-workers having lunch, one guy sets his phone down and has  a giant spider as a screen saver?
Public Marriage Proposals Not Always A Good Idea [Videos]
The Holiday Sason is typically a big season for Engagements. Make no mistake, asking someone to marry you is a big deal and how and where you do it is an equally big deal.  The biggest problem are propsals in public. These can work and they can completely disasterous and even devestating...

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