Girl Wins Staredown With Lion [Video]
The Wellington Zoo in New Zealand has a very popular lion exhibit that the kids love, especially when the lions are up close and personal with the glass. In the fall at Mesker Park Zoo, my youngest son made a move in front of the big cat exhibit and the cat lunged at the barrier which kind of freake…
New Big Screen TV Is Thinner Than An iPhone [Video]
If you thought flat screen TVs couldn't get any flatter, guess again. LG introduced a brand new 55-inch TV yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that is only four millimeters wide...and that is thinner than an iPhone!
Attention Kids- Loose Tooth? Use A Nerf Gun [Video]
Remember the days when you had a loose tooth and you would look for any means possible to pull it out without having to pull it yourself, or worse yet, have your dad do it? Kids don't want to pull it because they are convinced it's going to hurt.
Tony Bennett And Faith Hill Team Up For A New Duets Album [Video]
Tony Bennett is a man that Frank Sinatra himself once called the 'greatest singer in the world'. There has never been anything like him in the history of the music business. Anyone who knows me knows how deep my love and appreciaion for country music goes, but Tony Bennett has always been one of my …
Need A New Vacation Idea? Book A Trip To Space – Really [Video]
When we were kids, how many of us dreamed of being Astronauts? Even if you are in the military, the chances of being accepted into the space program is remote at best...they only take the elite of the elite. Virgin Airlines is now in the space tourism business and you can book a flight today.

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