Song Protesting SOPA And PIPA Is A Smash On The Internet [Video]
SOPA and PIPA, (no, not Middleton), have been all over the news lately. What are they? They are both proposed legislation aimed at eliminating internet piracy which have created quite a stir. Many people believe this proposed legislation could be lethal to the internet as we know it.
Announcer Loses It After Full Court Buzzer Beater [Video]
When you talk college basketball it seems it's always, Duke, North Carolina, UConn, IU and Kentucky. Well, this game winner did happen in Kentucky, but not in Lexington, it happened in Columbia, Kentucky at tiny Lindsey Wilson College when the Blue Raiders were hosting Georgetown,…
Baby Plus Lemon Equals Viral Video [Video]
Watching anybody try and eat a lemon is funny, but when a baby gets a hold of the sour piece of citrus, you get a video that you just can't stop watching. The baby in the below video is having quite the time eating a lemon. Even though he makes that shuttering sour face, he keeps right on eatin…
Kix Cereal – Not Just For Kids Anymore [Video]
Kids and their gotta love it and sometimes they make for some pretty funny videos. All kids love to sneak the dog a bite or two under the table and some would love to have their pet at the table with them, like Logan and his pet Rhino iguana, Buddy.
When You Fly And Check Your Bag, Where Does It Go? [Video]
You are getting ready to fly somewhere and you arrive at the airport hours early to begin your journey. You check your bag(s) at the counter, they put it on the belt and then it disappears beyond the rubber flaps....where does it go and how does it get back to you?
The Ultimate Page Turning Device [Video]
When reading a book, newspaper or magazine, wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to turn the page and you could have someone or something do it for you? Well, your wait is over. Check out this incredibly complicated and creative contraption.

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