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Soldier Surprises Wife At Chick-Fil-A [Video]
We have posted many videos of military dads surprising their kids and they never get old. This video involves a young Central Florida wife getting the surprise of a lifetime when her military husband shows up at dinner, with their order!
Dubstep Video Is Absolutely Amazing [Video]
It certainly does not matter what kind of music you like or don't like. Country fans, pop fans and rock fans can appreciate this video. The most popular trend right now on YouTube are 'dubstep' dance videos. If you have seen these, you know how great some of them are, but this
one may …
Motorcyclist Rescues Calf From Water Filled Ditch [Video]
A motorcyclist competing in a race in South Africa thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye while on the course. He turned around and went back to the area where he thought he saw something. When he returned he found a calf that was stuck in a water filled ditch and not able to get…
Out Of The Rubble Comes A Miracle [Video]
A 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit turkey on Sunday and toppled more than 2,000 buildings. Early Tuesday morning a 2-week-old infant girl was pulled from the rubble of one of the buildings. The girl's mother and grandmother were also pulled from the rubble alive about two hours later.
Best Halloween Light Show Ever With Party Rock Anthem [Video]
Sometimes people go all out decorating their homes for a particular holiday. Halloween is generally associated with creepy decorations on the outside of the home and light shows are usually done at Christmas time. This house in Riverside, California has been doing Halloween light shows for years and…
Baby Has Conversation With R2D2 [Video]
Baby videos are the best especially when the babies appear to be absolutely captivated by something. In this case, a baby appears to be having a conversation with R2D2 and is one of those videos that is just too cute for words. Enjoy.

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