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Kid Caught Bustin’ It And Dishin’ It [Video]
Have you ever been 'caught' doing something around the house or at work that was completely embarrassing? Maybe you have caught someone doing something...either way, this dad caught his son bustin' a move while doing the dishes. The kid actually asked his dad to put on Michael Jackson…
A Vintage CMA Awards Moment From 1982 [Video]
The CMA Awards are tonight in Nashville and will be carried live on ABC-TV. All eyes will be on the 'Entertainer of the Year' award as it is every year. This year's nominees include Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift.
Smokin’ Joe Frazier Dies At 67 [Video]
Joe Frazier, one of the most dominant forces in boxing history has died at the age 67. It was just days ago that it was announced by Frazier's business representative that the former Heavyweight Champ had liver cancer and had entered hospice.
Apple’s Siri Feature Can’t Understand Basic Dog [Video]
If you have an iPhone, you are undoubtedly aware of the Siri technology that allows users to send messages, calls and other functions through voice instruction. One of the problems with the feature is that it cannot distinguish non-American accents like Scottish for instance and it definitely cannot…
Pac-Man Goes High Tech And Enters The Real World [Video]
Pac-Man was one of the first really cool video games and once you start playing, good luck being able to stop. The life of Pac-man certainly doesn't look like a lot of fun. First of all, you have this raging hunger for floating yellow dots while being chased by color changing ghost things.

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