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Frog Escapes Death In Dramatic Hollywood Style [Video]
Every so often a video comes along that is so cool you just have to share it. You don't see many frog videos, at least not like this one. Watch as this frog, realizing he is only seconds away from sure death at the hands of a hungry snake, does something you only see in a Hollywood movie.
Adults Get Giant Sandbox In Las Vegas [Video]
Leave it to Las Vegas to come up with a completely cool way for adults to let off some steam. If you have ever had the urge to operate heavy equipment and push dirt around on a bulldozer, you need to head to Vegas to play in a real adult sandbox...
Cutest Weather Reporter Ever
Hurricane Irene left behind devestating damage along the coast of North Carolina and the Eastern seaboard. With all of the images of destruction we are seeing on TV, it's always nice to see a bright spot and 5-year-old Jane Haubrich is that bright spot.
9/11 Coloring Book Brings Criticism [Video]
A new coloring book is causing quite a stir and has a lot of people questioning the motive behind the book. The coloring book is called 'We shall Never Forget 9/11: The Kids' Book Of Freedom' is being criticized by those who fear the images from that day are too intense for children a…
Epic Light Saber Battle Between Two Kittens – Really
The good side and the dark side have been in an intergalactic battle for centuries that may final be settled in this epic batte between good and evil between these two Jedi.......kittens?? That's right and don't be fooled by their feline appearance...
Toothpick Replica Of San Francisco Took 35 Years [Video]
You have heard the expression 'The patience of a saint', right? Well, meet Scott Weaver and that expression describes him perfectly. For the last 35 years, Weaver has been building a very detailed replica of the city of San Francisco using only toothpicks....35 years!!!
Young Soldier Surprises His Mom At Work
Soldiers understand the value of a surprise especially where their mothers are concerned. These videos never get old and they pull at your heart strings everytime. Joey got word that he was going home two weeks earlier than expected.

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