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Remote Controlled Car Fun With Cows – The Great Round Up [Video]
Cows, you see them all the time in the pastures off the Pennyrile Parkway and as you can clearly see, cows do not have a very exciting life. The eat grass, sleep, eat more grass and wander around. Now, add a remote controlled car in the pasture and you have cow excitement like you have never seen be…
Luke Bryan Goes ‘Gaga’ – Seriously [Video]
Country stars like to cover pop songs and pop artists like to cover country songs especially in concert. This however, goes way beyond a cover, this is more along the lines of 'whaaattttttt? How about this....Luke Bryan singing Lady Gaga...
All It Takes Is A Smile [Video]
Every so often a video comes along that just makes you stop, sit up, take notice and hopefully smile. The little girl in this video was born with a cleft lip and was able to get an operation to correct the problem.
Heinz Introduces New Non-Teeth Ripping Ketchup Packets [Video]
If you are a ketchup lover and are tired of the teeth-ripping way you have to open the packets, especially in the car, a new day has dawned. Heinz has introduced a brand new ketchup packet called the "Dip and Squeeze" which gives you the option of either squirting the ketchup throu…
What Girls Look At On Guys [Video]
Guys are always being accused of checking out girls especially by their SO's and generally are not very discreet about the gawking. Girls do the same thing, but they tend to be a little better at looking without being too obvious, right?
Muppets Statler And Waldorf Have A Computer Problem [Video]
Last week we posted a video of an elderly couple in Oregon trying to figure out the webcam on their computer and the video went viral. The Muppets, who always seem to be on top of social issues put together a video featuring their heckling old men, Statler and Waldorf trying to get on the internet..…
Soldier Buys Back Foreclosed Family Home [Video]
You have probably never heard of Jose Cordova, but I guarantee you have never met anybody with a stronger commitment to family than Jose. Recently, the house that Jose and his siblings grew up in was forclosed on because Jose's dad lost his job and could no longer afford the payments.
Burns & Poe Strike A Nerve With New Song [Video]
Local favorites Burns & Poe will be appearing at Casino Aztar on Friday and Saturday September 30th and October 1st. Keith Burns and Michelle Poe have been working hard at this for the past couple of years. Burns says he tries to write everyday and their new song, 'I Need A Job' ba…

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