When Does the Indiana Hunting Season Begin?
I don't ever remember being an avid supporter of hunting Bambi or his mom but I sure to remember the gamey taste of the venison sausage, jerky, and other meaty morsels my dad's buddy Junior would bring over and how delicious they were.
Kentucky And Louisville Fans Fight At Dialysis Center
Speaking from personal experience, the rivalry between University of Kentucky fans and University of Louisville fans can get pretty intense.  Heck, I'm a life-long Cats fan that grew up in the heart of Louisville.  I can say, I don't think I've ever witnessed the passion come to blows, but that's ex…
Celebrate Evansville’s Bicentennial Birthday
Come celebrate Evansville's 200th birthday at Koch Family Children’s Museum of Evansville (cMoe) with activities for kids all day on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.
The schedule of events for the party includes:
9 a.m. to 11 a.m.: Vote for cMoe’s Official Bicentennial Birthday Cake
11 a...
What Would You Do with $1,000 in Evansville?
If you LIKE Seize the Deal on Facebook, you could win $1,000! So our question is, what would you with $1,000 specifically here in Evansville? Here's some things we came u with. What else would you do with $1,000?
Breaking News – Peyton Manning Is A Denver Bronco!
According to several sources, Peyton Manning has chosen the 'mile high city' to be his new home with the Denver Broncos. Various media outlets are reporting a deal between Manning and the Broncos where Hall of Fame QB John Elway is in charge of football operations.