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Country Stars Who Stand Up Against Cancer
There are many -- too many -- country stars who have had cancer or have been personally affected by it in some way. The truth is, almost everyone knows someone who's battling against the horrific disease, and it does not discriminate based on age, fame, fortune or even good health.
The Forgotten Five – Wade Hayes [VIDEOS]
It's time for another installment from my series of blogs featuring songs of the past from artists you may know well, or might have forgotten.  Some of these songs may have long disappeared from radio, but I'm bringing them back. Today's artist is primarily known for his debut single, "Old Enou…
Wade Hayes Is Cancer-Free
Just one year after finding out that he had been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, Wade Hayes is thrilled to announce that he is officially cancer-free.
Eric’s Lost Hit: Wade Hayes
It's time for another song that us radio folks lost along the way. Hey, with a dozen or so songs coming out a day, it happens. Fortunately we can find those songs on the old inter-web. This was an awesome tune in the mid 90's and an even cooler video where everything goes backwards!