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Viral Video Shows Clam Digging Not Eating [Video]
I think it is pretty fair to say that any clam on the kitchen table is probably meant to be eaten - not to eat. The below video is very strange and has gone viral. You can see the clam on a table surrounded by salt, when it appears the tongue of the clam emerges and begins to eat the salt, but accor…
Viral ‘Pendulum’ Video Will Bring A Tear [Video]
I found this animated video on the internet and was awestruck by the story it told and felt the need to share it. Takefumi Kurashina is a Japanese comedian who is known as Tekken. He is known for his tribal face paint and crazy antics so, this video is not what you would expect from Tekken.
Baby Plus Lemon Equals Viral Video [Video]
Watching anybody try and eat a lemon is funny, but when a baby gets a hold of the sour piece of citrus, you get a video that you just can't stop watching. The baby in the below video is having quite the time eating a lemon. Even though he makes that shuttering sour face, he keeps right on eatin…