Remembering George Jones: Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes Video
It is Saturday morning and we are in the middle of the WKDQ Country Classic Show. It's always tough to do  this show after we have lost one of the greats that made country music what it is today. As you are well aware, George Jones died yesterday at the age of 81. His farewell tour was jus…
Video of a Dog Eating Peanut Butter Like a Person Is Hilarious
Sometimes you just need a jumpstart to your weekend with good laugh. Videos of little kids and dogs are the best and certainly the funniest. The video featured below has been done before, but this is very well done and looks so real. Have you ever watched a dog eat peanut butter?
Two-Year-Old Lock Picking, Pillow Stealing Bandit Busted on Video
This is one of the funniest 'kid' videos I have ever seen. Anyone who has kids knows that kids want what they want when they want it. However, sometimes the little tykes have to be pretty creative to get what they want without being seen. When my daughter, Emily was a toddler, I could never figure o…
Video of Destroying a Snowman in Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing
The snow is gone for the most part and so are some of the cool snowmen that were made around the Tri-State after Christmas. We will get more snow and some people have a great time destroying their snowman. The guy in this below video demonstrates 10 different ways to destroy a snowman.

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